Yukkuri tasting kit


Tasting kit, gift box , 3x 100ml


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This box is the perfect gift for any coffee lover or to find out which flavor will be your favorite. It’s packed up nicely and will have a card of each coffee in there. So you can read all about it’s origin, flavor notes and the roaster.

Treat yourself or another with this fun and exiting tasting kit. Combine it with some chocolate, liquor or tonic. For a full experience


Guatemala: Green apple, cacao

Churupampa: Hazelnoot creme gebakje, gooseberry

Ethiopia: Cherry, boozy and milk chocolate

Tasting profile’s

Guatemala: Green apple, butterscotch and dark chocolate

Churupampa: Caramelized apple, Tangerine and hazelnut.

Ethiopia:Cherry, cranberry and milk chocolate.

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