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Yukkuri is founded by Siebe and Auro. Two local guys from The Hague. The first a massive coffee geek and the second a great designer and chef. During the first Covid-19 lockdown, they decided that it was time to join forces and start a brand-new project called Yukkuri. 

Sieb had already been playing around with a small Cold Drip coffee machine for quite some time and noticed that even though this way of drinking coffee was well known in other parts of the world, here in his local town, no one had heard of it before.

So, they decided, it was time to change that. And start brewing this delicious and refreshing drink on a bigger scale.

Yukkuri means: Take it easy. Referring to the 8 hours it takes to brew a cold drip coffee and the way of drinking it. Sip it like a fine whiskey and enjoy the sweet, fruity and refreshing flavors our cold drips have to offer.

Our beans

With out great beans there would’t be amazing cold drip coffee. Therefore we team up with different specialty roasters to bring a new line up of different coffees and varieties. 

Each roaster has a great story and we are very happy with the following line up:


Guatemala Bourbon.

Our first coffee is roasted by Krista. She is the roaster and owner of Inproc.

Inproc is a small coffee roaster and tea shop located at the Denneweg. It has been around since 1853 and has managed to keep a lot of the history and traditions. It has a great nostalgic feeling for Siebe. Since he grew up in this neighborhood. And the Guatemala is till this day the favorite coffee of his parents.

Their coffee is always super fresh and roasted with a lot of care. Because Krista grew up in the shop, watching her father roast coffee. She has developed an amazing sense for it. Most of it is done by smell, sight and feeling. With a bit of support from technology to keep track of the progress and to maintain the quality.

We highly recommend visiting this shop. It’s a really cool experience and always a warm welcome when you’re going there.

Thanks team Inproc!

Roast Factory 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 

Our second coffee is roasted by the one and only Steef. He is the founder and roaster of Roast factory.

Roast Factory started back in 2016. Before that he used to work at a roastery in Rotterdam. It was there that he noticed that the coffee scene in Rotterdam was on a much higher level than the one in The Hague. This had to change, so he decided that he would start his own roasting factory in The Hague. Focussing on sustainability, transparency and a high level of quality.

Steef is a real local legend and loves to keep in touch with his clients. Helping them out in any way possible and by delivering his fresh roasted beans in person.

Thanks Team Steef

Shokunin coffee collective

Peru – Washed Typica, Caturra and Pache.

Jelle, the owner and roaster from Shokunin coffee is an amazing guy. Gentle, honest and very humble. It’s been a real pleasure working and exchanging ideas with him. We’ve taking this story from his website since it tells his story in the best way:

‘’Shokunin is a coffee roastery in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We try to make everyone’s coffee experience more enjoyable by presenting a variety of delicious flavours and beautiful stories about our coffees. Our values of transparency and stability form the base of sustainable partnerships with our producers.

Shokunin creates the opportunity for people across the production chain to learn and enjoy. We introduce open-minded farmers to new concepts, train ambitious professionals and create engaging coffee experiences for passionate consumers. Working with our coffee will not only reveal new flavour experiences, but also support our projects for growth across the coffee chain.

Expect new, exciting flavours. Expect engagement in the industry. But mostly: expect passion and fun in our favourite beverage.’’

Het team

  • AURO

    Auro Fumagalli


    Siebe Stinis

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