What is it?

We, Auro and Siebe, present to you Yukkuri.  A new experience of drinking coffee. Yukkuri is locally brewed cold drip coffee. This means that we brew coffee under controlled conditions for 8 hours with ice-cold water. This is a long time, but we think it is well worth the wait.

Through this lengthy process and the ice-cold water, we manage to bring out and ensure only the best flavors with each coffee bean. So that you can enjoy this special coffee wherever you are. 

Yukkuri means: Take it easy. And that’s how we recommend you to drink it, in peace. Think of it as a good whiskey, that you sip slowly. You will then find that there are many layered flavors, that will then unfold slowly.  Try it out! And see if Yukkuri, like it did for us, can offer you a new experience of drinking coffee.

How do I drink it?

How do I drink it?

Just like with any other coffee, there are a ton of ways to consume it. But, here are some basic tips and tricks when you drink it straight.

  • Put it in the fridge to cool it. Before drinking it we recommend bringing it back to just bit cooler than room temperature.
  • Choice your glass wisely. We prefer to use certain whiskey glasses and wine glasses. These are great choice, since our coffee offers a bunch of different layered flavors. That will be much more noticeable with the right glass
  • Take it easy. The caffeine content is quite high. So we recommend around 50-70ml per portion. 

Want to mix it up a bit? Here are a couple of fun recipes to play around with:

Iced (oat) Latte.

ToGinCo / Leave out the gin for a fun mocktail.

Ethiopian Summer 

How many servings per bottle?

Since the caffeine content is quite high. And because it’s a great drink to sip on. We recommend serving it in 50-70ml portions.

That would be 2 servings for the 100ml bottle and 7 for the 350ml.

For cocktail recipes we recommend starting off with around 35ml per serving.

Expiration date:

After opening you should keep the bottles refrigerated. We recommend around 3 days max for the 100ml bottle and around 2 weeks for the 350ml bottle.

Just like with a bottle of wine it will mainly be the flavor that changes. It will become more chocolaty and less complex the longer you leave it open. 

After that it will eventually expire and go bad. 

What does it taste like?

It’s sweet, refreshing and complex. Think of it as a great filter coffee or a gentle wine. The flavor isn’t a punch in your face kind of drink, but more of a gentle ride. 

Try it out! And see if this drink, just like it did for us, can be a great addition to your day to day lifestyle.

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